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Want to edit audio files like cut, join, convert formats, etc? And want to record sound from computer and microphone and save as audio files? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Download Free Music Legally?

We can download free music legally from some music websites and music players. In this essay, we will introduce some MP3 music resources and use them to download free music legally.


How to Record Computer and Microphone Audios?

Sometimes, we need to record computer and microphone audios and save them as audio files, such as the video calls and voice calls. In this essay, we will introduce 2 audio recorders and show you how to use them to collect sounds. Let’s read together!


How to Remove Protection for DRM Protected Music

Many paid music in Apple Music can not be played with other music players or systems because of the DRM protection. How to remove this protection for the DRM protected music? Following will introduce some methods for you.


Delete DRM Protection for M4P Video with DRM Removal Software

Generally, the subscribed music we download from Apple Music is in M4P with DRM protection which prevent users using the protected music on other portable devices before logging into iTunes or Apple Music. If you want to play the downloaded M4P music on other non-Apple devices, you need to remove the DRM protection with professional DRM removal software. Here we will introduce some tools to help you remove such protection for M4P file.


Alternatives of MP3 Monkey to Download Music

Being a famous free music sharing website, MP3 Monkey now has stepped down from Internet. Users are hard to find its official site. Is there any alternative music sharing website for free download? Let’s go for it.


How to Save Deezer Music to MP3

Although paid Deezer users can download music and then enjoy it offline, user can just make all the action in Deezer, which means you can not play the downloaded Deezer music with other Apps or player. To solve this problem, we could try to save music on Deezer to MP3. Following will introduce how to save Deezer music to MP3. Let’s go.


Introduction of Garageband and Alternatives in Windows

Garageband is popular in music fans. Garageband can play attractive rhyme. However, it is only available in Apple devices like Macbook and iPhone. You may raise the question that whether any alternatives of Garageband could be found for Windows? Following will introduce some for you.


Music DRM Removal Methods

Copyright has attracted more and more attention nowadays. For music, many platform restrict the use of music files with DRM (Digital Rights Management), which can protect digital media from unauthorized use and protect the right of the publishers or authors. However, for some paid users, DRM will limit their demand on playing protected music or protected audio. Following will introduce how music DRM removal methods. Go with us.


How to Record YouTube Audio

If you find a well-played music on YouTube, want to save it to local disk for listening at anytime? Here we can accomplish this by recording the YouTube music and save as audio file. Following will show you some methods about how to record YouTube audio.