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Want to edit audio files like cut, join, convert formats, etc? And want to record sound from computer and microphone and save as audio files? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Convert YouTube Music to MP3 Online

Pieces of music in various music styles, especially the newest popular songs, can be easily searched on YouTube. When we listen to the satisfying songs, the inspiring speeches and the fun stand-up comedies on YouTube, how can we save them to MP3 online? This essay will tell you!


How to Convert WMA to MP3

More and more audio formats come along with the growth of the computer technology. Yet, the format WMA cannot be supported in some mobile devices. At this time, we need to convert WMA to the other common formats, such as MP3. How to convert WMA to MP3? What about their features?


How to Join MP3 Files with Free MP3 Joiner

MPEG Audio Layer 3, also called MP3 for short, is one of the common coding formats for digital audio. If you want to join several MP3 files into one, you need to utilize the software or program. How to join MP3 files with free MP3 joiners? This essay will tell you!


[Entirely Free] How to Merge Audio Files

When we are editing audios, we usually merge several audio files into one. How to merge audio files quickly? In this essay, we will introduce some pieces of free software/approaches to you.


How to Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 for Free

Being one of the most popular video websites on the world, YouTube provides a platform to enable users to share and watch videos, movies, games and DIY videos. However, YouTube does not support to save music video to be MP3 even it provides tons of videos. Then how can we download the songs in a YouTube playlist as MP3 files?


How to Edit MP3 Files For Free

A helpful audio edit software can help us create better audio masterpiece. But which software can edit MP3 files in Windows? Here, we will introduce some free MP3 editor to you.


Professional / Easy-to-go Music Mixing Software

Music mixing is critical in music production. It is the process of merging various audios into the stereo or mono. People used to proceed with music mixing through synthesizers and voice processors. But now we can complete this process in the music mixing software. In this essay, we will introduce different mixing software for music fans and musicians!