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Want to edit audio files like cut, join, convert formats, etc? And want to record sound from computer and microphone and save as audio files? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Add MP3 to iTunes?

iTunes is the common tool used to transfer music to iOS devices. Is there any other way to add music to iTunes? In this essay, we will talk about how to add MP3 music to iTunes.


How to Convert MP3 Music to iTunes?

It is very common for iPhone users to convert MP3 music from iTunes to iPhone. Of course, the first step is to add MP3 music to the iTunes library. How to convert MP3 music to iTunes? Here are some ways for you.


How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer without iTunes?

Files in iPhone cannot be copied to computer, unlike the operation for Android phones. iTunes is the transfer tool developed by Apple. But if you transfer photos through this software, the steps are complicated. So, do you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes?


Free Transfer Audio in WAV to WMA

WAV, a lossless audio format, and WMA, a lossy audio format, are two common audio format at present. Some users may wonder whether these two formats can be transferred to each other? Here we will answer this question.


How to Transfer MP3 to WAV for Free

Both MP3 and WMA are common audio formats. However, MP3 is lossy format while WAV is lossless one. Here, we will go through about how to transfer audio files in MP3 to WAV for free.


How to Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes?

iTunes is known by most of Apple users because they should transfer music to iPhone through iTunes. Apart from iTunes, is there any replacement for iTunes? In this essay, we will talk about how to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes.


How to Convert MP3 to FLAC?

FLAC is the lossless audio format. MP3 is the common format used in smartphones and PCs. But some people want to convert MP3 to FLAC when going to listen to music. In this essay, we will tell you how to convert MP3 to FLAC.


How to Trim Audio with Audio Trimmer

Some popular music in social media like TikTok are combined with cut music. For example, user can trim part of the music and then listeners can just enjoy this part. Then is there any easy-to-use audio trimmer? Here we go.