renee video editor pro package
Renee Video Editor Pro provides multiple video and audio edit tools and supports to convert video and audio in different formats. Besides, it can help you record every activities on your computer screen. The following articles will tell you how to use Renee Video Editor Pro.

How to Combine Videos and Add Subtitles

When we edit videos, it is common for us to combine videos into one. And adjust the audios and subtitles as well. Here, we are going to introduce how to combine videos with frames and audios synchronously.


How to Remove Black Bars from Videos?

Sometimes we will found that there is black bar around the video when we play the video. What are these black bars? Is it possible to remove it? Here, we are going to introduce some methods to remove the black bars.


What is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution has become so familar today. But what is it? How to get 4K videos? Find more about these question from below and edit your 4K video at will!