How to backup your system/data/folders with Renee Becca? The following articles will tell you how to backup such important things step by step.

Best SSD Clone Software

Want to get a better system performance but preserve the original system? You can change the system disk to be SSD. Plan to replace the SSD with a bigger one? With Renee Becca, you can migrate system to new SSD or clone the whole SSD to a bigger one in 3 simple steps.


Free Windows and Computer Incremental Backup Software

Want to create backup for OS, computer even just a folder but save time and disk space at the same time? Then incremental backup could be a good choice which can fulfill these goals. Free Windows and computer incremental backup software – Renee Becca enable you to create the auto incremental backup plan for any target you want!


Free Hard Drive Cloning Software

The free professional hard drive cloning software helps you perfectly clone the original hard drive to a larger one. 3 steps for whole clone process! Click for more!