How to backup your system/data/folders with Renee Becca? The following articles will tell you how to backup such important things step by step.

How to Upgrade and Install SSD for Computer

If you know something about computer, you should have heard SSD. Comparing with traditional HDD, SSD improves the performance, which can enhance the computer performance greatly. Although the price of SSD is higher than traditional HDD, more and more users are using SSD as the price of SSD is dropping. What changes SSD will bring to us? Follow us for more.

How to Cleanup C Disk in Windows 10?

Local disk C is getting full after the PC is used for a period of time. Although junk files have been removed, C drive is still full. How do we solve this problem? Read this article and you will get 3 useful ways to free up C drive in Windows 10.

How to Initialize Disk and Choose MBR or GPT?

How to choose the partition table for a new disk? In the essay, we will tell you the differences between MBR and GPT and tell you how to transfer the Windows system perfectly to the new disk.

How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Many users find that their computers are slowing down as time goes by. At such situation, the system may need to be optimize, such as optionally shutting down some services, if you want a smooth system operation. So, in this essay, we will talk about how to make your computer run faster.

Disk Space is not Enough? How to Compress this Drive to Save Disk Space?

When disk space is not enough, we can remove useless file from the disk to free up disk space. Besides, we can also compress this drive to save disk space that was occupied by the files, which will not influence the normal use of data access. But how can we compress the disk? Different compression methods will be provided in this passage.

How to Clone Large HDD to a Smaller SSD in Windows 10?

Some users said that it was very time-consuming to install an new operating system after replacing HDD with SSD. So, most users choose to directly clone HDD to the newly installed SSD. But some users don’t know how to make it. This article will provide methods about how to clone HDD to SSD (with smaller capacity) in Windows 10 quickly. Detailed instructions on installing an SSD will be provided as well.

How to Backup and Restore Windows 7?

Computer may have some issues after used for a long time. It would be better if you could backup Windows in advance to prevent data loss. Read this article and you will learn about how to backup and restore Windows 7.